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Porcelain Crowns
Missoula, MT

Rendering of jaw with dental crown at Roth Family Dentistry in Missoula, MTWhen a tooth has become damaged or weakened, we can provide a layer of protection with the use of a dental crown. Though crowns are available in a variety of materials, porcelain provides the closest appearance in both color and translucency to your own natural teeth. Their appearance makes their use highly desirable. At Roth Family Dentistry, we can help you have beautiful, natural-looking dental restorations that can provide you with long term solutions. We are happy to review your options and their benefits.

Whenever possible, saving your original tooth structure is ideal for your bone health and overall oral health. Sometimes, teeth can fracture, crack, or be damaged from extensive decay and disease. Ideally, we want to remove the damaged portion and save the remaining part of the tooth. A dental crown provides a cap, or added layer, to the tooth structure giving it the protection it needs.

Porcelain is one material option that we use when creating dental crowns. Our patients love how closely it can match and blend in with their natural teeth. Porcelain crowns come with variations including:
•  Dental Inlay or Onlay: Sometimes referred to as a partial crown or ¾ crown, dental inlays and onlays are crown pieces that are customized to fit just the affected area of the tooth. A dental inlay is customized to fit the inside, or cup portion, of a molar. A dental onlay is customized to fit the outside wall of a molar. This restoration requires less manipulation of the original tooth, keeping more of it intact. This type of restoration is sometimes discussed as a more holistic option.
•  Full Porcelain Crown: A full porcelain crown fits entirely over the natural tooth, encasing the entire visible portion of the tooth. In years past the porcelain crown was used less because it was considered more fragile, but the materials that are used today provide a crown that is equivalent to the strength of natural tooth enamel. The crown is customized to match your original structure in size, shape, and bite.
•  Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown: Depending on the location and bite of the tooth, we may recommend a crown that is porcelain fused to a metal crown. The metal will not be seen, it is covered with a layer of porcelain material. This provides the added strength of metal, but the porcelain layer is often thinner and has an increased likelihood of chipping exposing the metal layer.

Placement of Your Dental Crown

The placement of a dental crown is often completed in two dental visits. During your first visit, we will evaluate the damage and discuss options. We will then remove any portion that is decayed or remediate any disease that is present. For some this may include root canal therapy. A mold of the tooth and neighboring teeth is taken. This information is sent to a dental lab for the fabrication of the prosthetic crown. The tooth will then need to be shaped and reduced in size to fit the crown. Patients seeking a dental inlay or onlay will only have the affected portion of the tooth worked on. This means that we do not decrease the size of the overall tooth. A temporary crown or covering is placed until the fabricated crown is ready for placement.

Your second appointment will be after we receive the newly fabricated prosthetic. We will remove the temporary covering, clean the area, and dry-fit the crown. We can make any small adjustments to ensure a correct bite at this time. The crown is then cemented into place and set, or hardened, with blue laser light. Your dental crown is ready to use for normal chewing. It can be brushed and cleaned as you would your regular teeth.
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At Roth Family Dentistry, we provide beautiful natural-looking dental restorations, like porcelain crowns that can provide you with long term solutions. Call today!
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