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Dentures Complete and Partial

Rendering of removable partial denture like the kind available at Roth Family Dentistry in Missoula. MTIf you have several teeth or an entire arch of teeth missing, a set of dentures could be an ideal solution for you. A complete set of dentures is designed for an entire missing row of teeth while partial dentures are made for several missing teeth. While this is just one type of tooth replacement, it is the most common since it is the least time consuming and most budget friendly. Our staff at Roth Family Dentistry can help discuss your options to determine if a complete or partial set of dentures is an ideal solution for you.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are created using either a conventional or immediate procedure. A conventional set of dentures takes up to 12 weeks before they are ready to be placed in your mouth. First, we will have to remove any teeth in the dental arch in order for the complete set of dentures to be secured in your mouth. After your tooth or teeth are extracted, you must first recover from the procedure, which can take eight to 12 weeks. In the meantime, we will start working on your set of dentures, which should be complete in two weeks. Once you have fully recovered, we will have you try on the dentures and alter them as needed so they fit securely in your mouth.

Immediate dentures are given to you the same day you have your teeth removed. These types of dentures are made in advance and are modeled after your original gums. However, they are often only temporary because your bone and gums shrink during the recovery period. This means you will have to come in for additional visits during your recovery period so the denture can be refitted. They may not properly fit afterwards, so we often only recommend these until a set of conventional dentures can be made for you.

Partial Dentures

If you have strong, healthy teeth, you may only need a partial denture to replace a few teeth missing in your mouth. When we make partial dentures, we take replacement teeth and attach them to a plastic base, which is often pink or close to your gum color. The design is similar to a retainer and can be easily placed in your mouth or taken out as needed.

If you do not want a partial denture, we may be able to provide you with a partial bridge. A replacement tooth or teeth are created and attached. On both ends of your bridge are dental crowns, which are made for your natural teeth on either side of the bridge. We attach the crowns to your teeth, and it forms a bridge of false teeth that replaces the missing teeth. This works like your normal teeth, but you may need to avoid certain foods for a while until your gums are fully healed and can sustain the pressure placed on them by the fake teeth. They are also the most natural approach to filling in missing teeth.

If you are considering dentures, our staff at Roth Family Dentistry office can help determine what your best options are and if one of these is a good procedure for you. Give us a call today at 406-728-2745.
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If you are considering dentures, our staff at Roth Family Dentistry can help determine what your best options are. Give us a call today.
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