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Oral Hygiene

A woman doing thumbs up in the dental chair.While many fail to pay attention to oral healthcare, it is undeniable that oral health is also linked to your overall health. You must pay good attention to your dental care because only brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough. Most people wrongly consider going to the dentist only when they have an obvious dental problem. However, you should not wait for a cavity or a gum problem to pay a visit to our professionals at Roth Family Dentistry. Professional dental cleaning is something that every individual should regularly get.

Prevention From Oral Diseases

Generally, it is believed that oral problems can, at maximum, be cavities or tooth decay. Unfortunately, the bacteria in your mouth can cause a lot more serious conditions than only these two. According to the American Dental Association, several people die every year due to serious conditions like oral cancer. While it may seem far off, oral problems may also lead to problems like strokes. By having regular dental cleanings, you can prevent these. This is because while our professionals examine your teeth, they also look for oral cancer symptoms to prevent it beforehand.

Daily Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleaning

During a preventative exam, our dentist detects early signs of tooth and gum issues. Finding broken fillings and cavities early may make tooth enamel, gum surgery, and root canals unnecessary. Visual inspection during the cleaning exam also ensures that good oral health is being maintained. Our professionals will recommend techniques to address identified issues.

According to dental studies, approximately 85 percent of persistent bad breath in people arises from a specific dental issue. Regular examinations and cleanings are the best ways to ensure good oral hygiene, which can also prevent bad breath. During the cleaning, stains are removed, and teeth are polished, creating a bright, white smile.

Visiting Us

Only our professionals can provide early detection services and proper diagnosis of dental conditions. Regularly scheduled visits are important to promote a healthier mouth. You need to consult our professionals if you are experiencing tenderness, redness, bleeding, loose teeth, throbbing, or temperature sensitivity. By getting help early on, you can prevent any oral health problems from worsening or spreading to other teeth or areas of your mouth.

Our professionals can let you know if you are using the correct at-home dental care practices. This information is vital in warding off disease. When you visit our professionals, you should take the time to ask us any questions that you may have about the condition of your teeth and if you should make any changes to your oral care routine.

Gum disease is another serious health condition arising from poor dental care. This infection of the gum tissue and bones is a leading contributor to tooth loss in adults. Gum disease has also been linked to strokes and heart attacks. Early diagnosis and treatment can reverse the condition, preventing it from reaching an advanced stage. Daily flossing and brushing teeth at least twice a day will also help. For more information, and to find out how you and your family can benefit from dental cleanings, call Roth Family Dentistry at 406-728-2745 today.
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