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Mini Dental Implants
Missoula, MT

Woman relaxing in a chair after a successful mini dental implants procedure at Roth Family Dentistry in Missoula, MTIf you have a smaller jawbone structure that won't be able to support standard dental implants, you can still replace your teeth with the help of mini dental implants. Mini dental implants might be smaller in size, but compared to standard dental implants, they can provide several benefits, causing many people to make them their first choice!

Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants can be employed as multiple tooth implants, single tooth implants, or to stabilize dentures. Mini dental implants offer several advantages, such as:

Quicker Healing Time

Many people recover more rapidly from tiny dental implants because of their small size and noninvasive technique.

Noninvasive Surgery

Mini dental implants can be implanted using regional anesthesia. Compared to conventional dental implants, the procedure is less painful and obtrusive.

Less Expensive

Mini dental implants are less expensive than standard dental implants, but they can also vary in price.

Doesn’t Require Grafting

Jawbone grafting is frequently required in patients who lack sufficient jawbone to support standard dental implants in order to install them. The entire recovery from bone grafting may take over a year. Bone transplant procedures can be avoided by using mini dental implants.

Jawbone Density is Not Needed

Standard dental implants necessitate a particular level of jawbone density. But because mini implants are smaller in size, a dense jawbone is not a prerequisite. Therefore, they are a good option for people whose jawbone density has decreased due to tooth decay, trauma, or disorders like osteoporosis that induce bone loss.

Fewer Appointments

Replacement teeth are routinely attached to tiny dental implants the same day the implantation procedure is completed.

Can Fit Into Restricted Spaces Between Teeth

Mini dental implants are ideal for individuals with a smaller jawbone structure, as the small screws can fit in restricted spaces.

Easier to Install and Fix

Due to their size, mini dental implants are easier to maintain and less painful than standard implants.

More Durable

People who have lost teeth can benefit from bridges and dentures. However, they shouldn't be utilized as a replacement for long-lasting options like regular or mini dental implants.

Stops Facial Collapse

Your jawbone receives a tiny implant that keeps your teeth and jawbone in their natural position and size.

Mini Dental Implants Care

The same attentive care must be given to mini dental implants as to normal teeth. If you've got mini dental implants, be certain to floss once per day, clean your teeth twice a day, and see the dentist frequently. Your dentist could advise using toothpaste with fluoride or a specialized mouthwash if tartar or plaque has built up.

Mini implants can produce natural outcomes and enhance your oral health. At Roth Family Dentistry, dental procedures range from single tooth implants, multiple tooth implants, mini dental implants, as well as dentures and bridges. Our doctors Kathy Roth, DDS and Dr. Roth are highly skilled in dental implants and assure a seamless and painless procedure for a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.
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Our doctor Kathy Roth, DDS is highly skilled in dental implants and assures a seamless and painless procedure for a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.
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