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Digital Radiography

Digital X-Rays at Roth Family Dentistry in Missoula, MT When comparing dental procedures and dental services over the past few decades, dental technology has made huge advancements to make most procedures and surgeries easier and simpler for you as a patient and for your family. One of the most recognized advancements in the dental field is in x-rays, which now utilizes a procedure called digital radiography. At Roth Family Dentistry, we recognize the issues traditional x-rays cause for patients, which is why we have upgraded to digital radiography. Addressing these issues and making things simpler for you is our number one priority.

Digital Dental X-rays Versus Traditional X-rays

Traditional dental x-rays, while effective, have a range of issues for both our patients and staff. They emit an unnecessary amount of radiation, prolong dental appointments, and are generally not environmentally friendly. Digital dental x-rays remove most of the issues associated with traditional x-rays, making it a safer and better procedure to perform. There are multiple benefits with digital radiography that will speed up your appointments, make it easier to transfer your records, and reduce any associated health risks.

Why Is It Better for Your Health?

X-rays require the use of radiation for our staff to see the structures inside of your mouth. As of now, there is no way to completely remove radiation while also obtaining the information we need to provide you with the best care. However, digital radiography has given us the ability to expose our patients to significantly less radiation to obtain the results we need. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, digital x-rays use 70 percent less radiation than traditional film x-rays. Long-term exposure to radiation from traditional x-rays can cause potential health concerns. This is counterproductive since x-rays are performed to help improve your general health. With digital radiography, we can remove these health concerns while also imaging any ailments or illnesses you have with your oral health.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

We live in a more fast-paced world than ever before thanks to technology. Traditional x-rays do not fit in with such a fast-paced world and can make everything about your dental appointments seem prolonged. Digital dental x-rays help improve the quality of your oral health, shorten the time you are at an appointment, and are more in line with what you expect in today’s world.

The technology used produces higher quality images in comparison to film x-rays, which can be difficult to assess since they come in a single size. Digital radiography allows our staff to magnify and enlarge your x-rays, which gives us a better visualization of your teeth and bone. We can also adjust the brightness, color, and contrast of your x-rays, which allows us to see problems such as cavities and periodontitis, which is also known as gum disease, much easier than before. Not only does this shorten the time you sit at your appointment, but it also increases the accuracy of identifying your problems and overall treatment of them.

Since these x-rays are completely digital, they allow us to email the images for immediate review by a dental specialist. This eliminates the expense and time needed to copy and mail over results to another office for review or a second opinion. It also makes transferring dental records easier than before since you do not have to retrieve them directly from our office or have them mailed over to the specialist of your choice.

Digital radiography has helped our professionals at Roth Family Dentistry deliver the results you expect in our current digital world. If you need to have an x-ray performed for any reason, give our office a call today at 406-728-2745 to have the immediate results you deserve.
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Digital radiography at Roth Family Dentistry delivers results for the digital world. Call us today if you need to have an x-ray performed for any reason.
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